I want to uninstall old Presets

You own a previous Extension Pack Version that uses the old Mask Preset System ?

The good news is you no longer need them, since the new Mask Shelf includes improved versions of all Presets.

So here is how you uninstall the old presets:

1 - Check the default Mari Gizmo Location

  • Check if you have a folder called 'Gizmos' in your Mari User Folder.

  • Check if inside this 'Gizmos' Folder, a Folder 'Mask Presets' exist

  • Delete Folder 'Mask Presets'

2 - Check for an Environment Variable

Mari can be instructed to look for Gizmos in other Locations than the default Mari User Folder.

  • Check if the Environment Variable MARI_GIZMO_PATH is used

  • Remove Mask Preset Path from Environment Variable

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