Troubleshooting Installation

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Your first stop to troubleshooting MARI Extension Pack 4 Installations is your Python Console  (Menu Python /  Show Console)

Please see below for potential problems you may encounter

Can't find the python console

You are most likely using MARI INDIE or MARI NON COMMERCIAL.

Unfortunately Extension Pack currently does not support MARI INDIE and NON COMMERCIAL due to restrictions by the foundy

Missing any printout in the python console

Please check that you have extracted the Folder structure correctly into your Script directory.

There should not be a second Script directory nested in the first one but the folder structure should look like this:

Python Console Output : ImportError: No module named PySide

You are using an old Mari Version. MARI Extension Pack requires Mari 3.2v1 or higher to run

I have a previous Extension Pack installed, is this a problem ?

As long as you overwrite ALL files especially from the previous version with the new

ones included in the current version you should not be getting any problems.

In case a file got renamed there are certain checks in place to avoid duplication in which case you will receive a warning.

Refer to "Extension Pack Version Conflict" Dialog when starting MARI

I get a "Extension Pack Version Conflict" Dialog when starting MARI

MARI Extension Pack is running various checks on startup to ensure that other scripts and shaders (such as old versions of new tools)

do not interfere or cause duplication in the MARI UI. This is done by scanning your script folder for cetain blacklisted filenames.

If a conflict is found the extension pack will not load.

The dialog above is usually accompanied by a print out in the Python Console (Menu Python /  Show Console) telling you exactly what is going on.

Possible Solutions:

  1. Try the automatic Fix via the Dialog Box that appears.

Conflicting Files in your script directory will be renamed to .VersionConflict


  1. Manually rename or remove the files listed in the print out
  2. Edit the "IllegalFiles" and/or "IllegalShaders" Variable under /Mari/Scripts/ExtensionPackVersion/ to exclude a certain file name

I have JTOOLS installed and get a Version Conflict Dialog when starting MARI

JTOOLS by Jorel Latraille is a collection of different Python Functions.

We have integrated the most useful of the bunch into this Release of MARI Extension Pack 4

Removing the conflicting files alone is unfortunately not enough due to the way the package is installed.

The Python Console usually names a bunch of Conflicting Modules that need to be removed:

Possible Solutions:

  1. Try the automatic Fix via the Dialog Box that appears.

This will try to edit the listed in the print out to remove the conflicting modules & function calls.


  1. Open the filepath listed in the console print out and remove the modules from the __init__ file

that are specified in the console printout. In addition you will have to remove the accompanying and similarly

named FunctionCalls further down in the __init__ file.

  1. Edit the "IllegalModules" + "IllegalFunc" Variables under /Mari/Scripts/ to exclude a certain module

I can't seem to find the Edge Wear Presets or MODO Bake Presets

Modo Bake Presets and Edge Wear presets ('Gizmos') currently need to be installed separately.

Please refer to the Preset Installation Help.

Version Conflict File Blacklist

During load of MARI Extension Pack 4 your script directory path(s) are scanned for certain filenames.

If any of the following are found the Extension Pack will not load:



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