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Shader Presets by Jens Kafitz

Shader Presets are a system designed to eliminate the repetitive task of setting up your shader parameters and shader channel assignments each time.


In addition to the functionality outline below, more Shader Preset Functionality is available in the Nodegraph Palette

via the 'Set Nodes to Shader' tool.

Save Shader Preset

Saving a Shader Preset with a Shader in the Shader Palette selected, will store all Parameters (slider values, colors etc.) as well as any

Channel Names mapped to a Shaders Inputs.

The next time you create a shader (via shaders palette or Nodegraph) with a name matching a stored preset, all Parameters will be restored and any Channels

in your project matching exactly a Name used in the Preset will be mapped back to the corresponding Input of the Shader.

Remove Shader Preset

Remove Shader Preset with a shader in the shader palette selected will remove a previously saved Preset for a shader of that Name.

Shaders created after a preset was removed for that specific type will default back to their default mari configuration.

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