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Reload Image by Jens Kafitz

Reloading with multiple images selected

By default Mari will import loaded images into your project, meaning that even if the image on disc is changed,

within Mari the change will not be reflected.

MARI Extension Pack 4 adds the ability to reload an image from its original path.

If the image is used in a Node or Layer (Tiled, Triplanar, Axis Projection etc.) the updated

image will propagate to the nodes it is used in.

You can reload multiple selected images at once

Update Current vs Update All

When reloading Images you are presented with choices how to update the images in places they are used.

and reloaded Image will exist in the Image Manager

Depending on the chosen option for Remove old Version from Image Manager either both the original

and reloaded Image will exist in the Image Manager or just the reloaded Image.

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