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Quick Unproject by Antoni Kujawa, extended by Jens Kafitz

The new Quick Unproject options found under the Camera Menu will unproject directly to your image manager

Quick Unproject View

Quick Unproject View will unproject whatever you are currently viewing in the viewport, so will work with Nodegraph Viewers and even

full Shader views.

Quick Unproject Channel

Quick Unproject Channel will unproject the currently active channel and place the result into your image manager.

Quick Unproject Layer

Quick Unproject Layer will unproject the currently active Layer and place the result into your image manager.

Mask Unprojection

Unprojecting of a single layer mask needs to be done via Quick Unproject View

How to correctly line up an unprojected image to your model

Getting your image to line up with the Paint Buffer is easy.

Drag in the unprojected Image from the Image Manager into the Viewport to activate the 'Paint Through' Tool.

Open the 'Tool Properties' Palette and under the 'Transform' Group ensure 'Scale' is set to 1:1

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