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Maximize Value by Antonio Neto

Maximize Value will offset the RGB Colors until one of them reaches a value of 1.0.

This is mostly useful for the creation of Specular Color Maps for Metallic Surfaces where

you don't want to take out Specular Intensity (in order to remain Energy Conserving) while

at the same time giving tinted specular highlights.


Node Overview

Node Properties


The Method used for offsetting the RGB Colors:


The Corrected Method will set the Value (Hue/Saturation/Value) of all Colors to 1.0.

There will be no value below 1.0 left on the input texture.


The Maximum Method will determine the highest value for each pixels Red, Green and Blue Channel

and offset all color channels to 1.0 (Input  + (1.0 - Highest Value) )

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