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Material ID Channel from Selection Groups by Jens Kafitz

Material ID Channel from Selection Groups allows you to create a a new channel with a unique

color fill for each selected selection groups. All selection group types (object, patch, faces) are supported

Material ID Channels are a useful way to have a single channel for multiple material masks.

Optionally the tool allows you to create individual mask layers from each selection group.


How to use Material IDs in Mari

Currently there are two ways to utilize Material IDs in Mari



Filtering options at the top of the dialog allow you do search through the list of Selection Groups.


The name of the channel to create as 'Material ID' Channel.

If the name already exists, selected selection group IDs will be added to the existing one

The resolution of the 'Material ID' Channel to create if the Name entered does not exist already

Will create a colored ID layer in the specified Channel

Will create one black/white mask layer per Selection Group in the specified Channel

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