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Image Array by Jens Kafitz

The 'Array Image' Node (a modification of the Image Node) can be used to load a series of images into the Nodegraph while only treating

them as one Node.

This allows for transformations and repeats to be easily synced across multiple images.

It can be used together with the 'Manifold UV' Node in the Nodegraph to turn it into a full 'Tiled' Node again

In addition the Node overs 'Stencil' functionality that allows you to turn of default image wrapping around the edges

It's main purpose is to have tileable materials consisting of maps for each material channel without the need to create

and manage individual image or tiled nodes for each channel.


Node Overview

Node Ports

The 'Manifold' connection can be used to feed in a coordinate system to evaluate the Images on.

Possible Nodes to attach to are 'UV' & 'Manifold UV' for example to adjust the tiling of the images

The Output from each Image slot

Node Properties

Tiling Mode

Determines the tiling mode:

The UDIM to generate the images in when tiling mode is non-default


A text field allowing you to enter a description of the image

Drag & Drop an image from the image manager or outside of Mari or use the Browse Button

to browse for one.

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