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Update History

MARI Extension Pack 4 - Update 6

December 13th, 2017

Convert Project Dialog

WIth Update 6 installed, opening an old project may display a 'Convert Project' Message since

some Nodes had minor non-look changing Code modifications and need to be updated to the latest version.

This is expected, safe and it is recommended to press 'Convert' so the nodes in your project can

be updated to the latest version.


(Anders Langlands Arnold alShaders)

(Anders Langlands Arnold alShaders)


or not. This means you can now turn Only Modified UDIMs on at any time and it will take the last export into consideration.

maintaining shared connections, radio node connections etc. on duplication

Please note that old instances of this node in existing projects will not be updated to avoid look changes.

(e.g. 'Convert to Paintable', 'Lock Channel' etc.) unless a hotkey is already assigned. This is to avoid users by mistake trying to assign

a hotkey to a menu action that has since been replaced with a Extension Pack version of the tool.

introduction of the Radio Node 'Automatic Transmitter Reconnect' feature in Update 5.

The feature has been modified so that if you tick off 'Allow Automatic Reconnect on Import' in the Preferences / Nodegraph Tab, the old speed is restored.


shared connections or shared channels, creating duplicates of the shared connections instead.

API PYTHON (mari.ExtensionPack.utils)

was added, returning a list of nodes connected to a targetNode

or a single selected node if the ReturnOnlyFirstNode argument is true



MARI Extension Pack 4 - Update 5

October, 28th 2017

Convert Project Dialog

WIth Update 5 installed, opening an old project may display a 'Convert Project' Message since

some Nodes had their Code mofified and need to be updated to the latest version.

This is expected, safe and it is recommended to press 'Convert' so the nodes in your project can

be updated to the latest version.


Nodegraph Right mouse click Misc / Menu

Using the Jump To Actions to traverse a Node Chain

allows you to jump directly to a specific bookmark

A new 'Radio Transmitter' Node has been added together with a new 'Connect to Transmitter' Option in the Nodegraph/Misc Menu.

When one or multiple Radio Node are selected, Transmitters exist in your graph and the 'Connect to Transmitter' Option is launched

you can select a Transmitter to connect to from any point in your graph.

A new preference was added under Edit/Preferences/Nodegraph/ to set if the connection should be automatically hidden.

Connecting a selected Radio Node to a previously created Radio Transmitter Node via the Right Mouse Click / Misc / Connect to Transmitter Dialog

When importing Node networks that contain one or multiple radio nodes without any connection, Mari will now try to reconnect the Radio Node

to a Transmitter, if a Transmitter with the correct Name exists in your project.

This allows you to create and export node networks that utilizing project specific data such as Occlusion, Curvature etc. and when

importing into any project where Occlusion, Curvature etc. exist the network will auto-attach itself again in the correct positions

This behavior can be turned off via a preference under Edit/Preferences/Nodegraph/.

Automatic Reconnecting of Radio Nodes to Transmitters based on Name

'Reset Shader' works together with the 'Set Nodes to Shader' Option and will revert the currently selected

Shader back to the state it was before 'Set Nodes to Shader' was executed for the very first time.

'Set Nodes to Shader' itself, when executed without a selection will now toggle the current shader infinitely between the current Node assignment

and the last used one


    This was necessary to prevent overly long Radio Node Names when the connected Node was renamed with  'Smart Rename'

By turning 'Per UDIM Pivot' off UV transformations will behave more similar to Maris default TILED Node and work better

with UV Shells spanning across multiple UDIMs without cuts.

UV Transformations applied to multiple UDIMs with perUDIM Pivot On (left) and off (right)

By modifying the pivot u and v setting you can shift the transform pivot to an arbitrary position.

This is similar to Photoshop Transform Pivots when doing Layer Transformations.

Please note that this setting is only relevant for 3D Noises when the Noise is switched to 'UV Space'.

UV Transformations applied to multiple UDIMs with perUDIM Pivot On (left) and off (right).



causing the undo system to stop working

It will now ignore any part of the input node name that is encompassed within square brackets ( [ ] )

would be removed. The following nodes now respect transparency when applied to layers or channels with transparency:


Available methods are:



API PYTHON (mari.ExtensionPack.utils)


MARI Extension Pack 4 - Update 4

August 28th 2017



'Save Shader Preset' will store the settings and channel assignments of your currently active Shader Type (Unreal, Vray etc.).

The next time you create such a shader type again all settings (colors,sliders,checkboxes etc.) will be restored to the way you saved it.

If channels were assigned to inputs and the channel names exist on your object even the channels will be automatically assigned.

'Remove Shader Preset' will remove any stored presets for the currently active shadertype


'Smart Rename' will rename selected Nodes based on their Input Nodes, or based on their Output Nodes if a node does not have an Input Node.

'Set Nodes to Shader' will connect currently selected nodes to the currently active shader acting like an 'isolate Material'. It works with previously

saved Shader Presets ,trying to determine from your node naming to which shader input slot a selected node should be connected to.

When no nodes are selected and the option is executed, the shader will be returned to its previously set inputs.



pre-Mari OCIO integration. Old Projects that use the previous node will not inherit the 0.5 value however the value slider is exposed there as well.


MARI Extension Pack 4 - Update 3

July 30th 2017




Now Quick Unproject Tools will write to the path specified under the 'Quick Unproject' Setting in the File / Project Paths Dialog.


was set to in the Channel Palette

MARI Extension Pack 4 - Update 2

June 10th 2017


Select Upstream w/o Radio Nodes’ will terminate the selection process after the first Radio node found in the Node Stream.

This allows you to more easily move node chains without affecting nodes further away that have a hidden Radio Node Connection

‘Focus Channel’ will focus and select the Channel Node in the Nodegraph, while ‘Focus Channel Content’ will focus and

select the Channel Node and all Nodes belonging to the Channel.

graph and then use the Right Mouse Click menu Bookmark options to jump the view to the bookmark location



MARI Extension Pack 4 - Update 1

May 20th 2017


Due to the nature of NANs this Node needs to be used in the Nodegraph and cannot be applied in the Layerstack.


When turned on your object will be displayed black to make it easier to spot NANs (infinite Values) introduced through corrupted image data.


resulting in significantly increased Shader Compile Times (‘Spinning Wheel’)

While not all Convert Dialogs are Extension Pack related, it is recommended you always press ‘Convert’.

MARI Extension Pack 4 R1

May 10th, 2017

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