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MODO Bake Presets by Sebastian Freigang

MODO Bake Presets are additional Bake recipes for Mari's internal MODO BAKE System that you can access via the MODO Render Palette / 'Bake' Tab..

Installing MODO Bake Presets

Step by Step Video

A Step-by-Step Video of the Installation process can be found here

Modo Bake Presets will not be automatically installed with the rest of MARI Extension Pack 3 R2.

You can find the Modo Bake Presets as part of the MARI Extension Pack 3 R2 Preset ZIP File you downloaded on purchase.

To install them please copy the contents of the /Presets/ModoBakePresets/  Folder from the ZIP File into the location of your

MODO Bake Presets.

This is usually

Once installed the new MODO Bake Presets become part of the Dropdown of Presets under the Bake tab of the MODO Render Palette.

MODO Bake Presets

The following presets are currently included with MARI Extension Pack:

Curvature Stacked

The Curvature Stacked Preset will create a RGB Curvature Map with each color channel including different information.

Options for Convex, Concave and 'Highpass' are adjusted separately.

Highpass Blue Channel

The Highpass Blue Channel can have different Convex and Concave Settings than what is used

for the Red and Green channel

Curvature Highpass

The Curvature Highpass Preset will create a Curvature Map separating Concave and Convex Edges.

Options for Concave and Convex are adjusted separately.

Rainbow AO

The Rainbow AO Preset will create a RGB Ambient Occlusion with different Ambient Occlusion Calculations per Color Channel

Orientation Slope

The Orientation Slope Preset will create a mixture of object space direction and occlusion maps, separating them into different Color Channels.

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