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Math Nodes by Jens Kafitz.

Math Nodes allow for limited 'visual coding' in the Mari Nodegraph giving you access to more functionality and more

advanced graph generation. A variety of Nodes were added as part of MARI Extension Pack:


The Condition Node is one of the most useful of the new Math nodes, allowing you to create an IF Statement

via the Nodegraph.

It allows for the following conditions by changing the dropdown in the node:

A Max Tolerance Option allows you to set a range around each value that is considered acceptable

making the IF Statement true.

The Compare R/G/B/A separately option allows you to specify at what level the Inputs (A/B) are evaluated.

When the Condition is not met the Channel will be switched to ELSE.

Subsequently this can mean that a RED Channel is switched to ELSE, while a BLUE Channel is kept at THEN.

the criterion. The result of the Node will either be fully THEN or fully ELSE.


log returns the natural logarithm of x, i.e. the value y which satisfies x=ey. The result is undefined if x≤0


log2 returns the base 2 logarithm of x, i.e. the value y which satisfies x=2y. The result is undefined if x≤0.


exp returns the natural exponentiation of x. i.e., ex.


exp2 returns 2 raised to the power of x. i.e., 2x.


pow returns the value of x raised to the y power, i.e. xy. The result is undefined if x<0 or if x=0 and y≤0.


dot returns the dot product of two vectors, x and y. i.e., x[0].y[0]+x[1].y[1]+...


length returns the length of the vector, i.e. sqrt { { x[0] }^2 + { x[1] }^2 + \dots }


distance returns the distance between the two points point1 and point2. i.e., length(point1, point2);


sqrt returns the square root of x, i.e. the value x√. The result is undefined is x<0.


inversesqrt returns the inverse of the square root of x; i.e. the value 1 over { \sqrt x }. The result is undefined if x≤0.

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