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Bake Visible to selected Paint Node by Jens Kafitz, based on a system node by the foundry.

The Bake Visible to selected Paint Node (short BaketoPaint) is a special Node that allows you to bake nodes non-destructively into a paintable Node.

It is a Node-ified version of an internal process that Mari runs on each Bake Process.

Sample of a Bake Visible to Selected paint Node in Combination with an 'Empty with Skip' Node

where you can continually update the Paintable Node with information from the Chain above.

Other than Mari 3.0's default right-mouse click 'Bake to Paint Node' Option this Node allows you to keep overwriting

the same paintable Node over and over without the need to create a new one on each bake process, meaning that

you can set up the resolution and bitDepth of a paintable Node once and keep writing changes into it.


Since this Node is based on a Mari internal process it isn't as user-friendly as it should be. You should read the usage guide below in order to correctly understand how to use it, since it might not be apparent at first glance.

This Node is to be considered a temporary Extension Pack Node until the Foundry comes up with a more suitable solution.

Intro Video


Step by Step - how to bake

The Bake Visible to Selected Paint Node will write the result of the currently viewed Nodes (from a Viewer Node)

in to the selected paintable Node

  1. Attach the Node(s) you want to Bake to the 'Source' Connection of the BakeToPaint Node
  2. Select the BakeToPaint Node and press '1' to view it.
  3. Attach a paintable Node to the 'Target' Connection (optional, there is no connection required for it to work)
  4. With the paintable Node marked as paint target press 'BAKE' in the BakeToPaint Node properties.

Current Paint Targets are indicated by a slightly different shade

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